Cleartec Environmental Pty Ltd
Cleartec Environmental is a wholly-owned Australian company with more than 20 years experience in the supply of packaged pumping and treatment products and services to the water and wastewater industries.

Our range of water and wastewater-related products include packaged pumping station; pumping, sewerage, stormwater and pollution removal products; pressure sewer systems; water supply and process systems; sewerage and greywater treatment systems; and dosing, metering and monitoring systems.

Cleartec’s services include design, engineering, manufacture, installation and full product support.

Cleartec’s experience, sound advice, reliable products and our ability to deliver on all projects to complete satisfaction makes us the first choice for municipal, industrial, commercial and domestic users. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of all our clients seeking the best water and wastewater treatment solutions in Australia.

Our passion
We are dedicated to the challenge of dwindling water resources by giving water a second life through the design, development and manufacture of the advanced Clearpac range of solutions.

We work closely with developers, engineers, councils, architects and landscapers to design and implement sustainable building and living solutions in harmony with nature.

Our Clearpac range of treatment systems are designed for commercial and residential use in accordance with Australian state health and EPA authorities.

Clearpac range includes:

  • Greywater Reuse Systems
  • Sewage Treatment and Reuse Systems
  • Stromwater Pollution Control
  • Portable Water Treatment Systems
  • Trade Water Treatment
  • Rain Water Harvesting Systems
  • Ultra Purification Water Systems
  • Oily Water Treatment Systems

Clearpac technology is largely biological and chemical free, scalable, housed in innovative streamlined units and is designed to minimise maintenance requirements.


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